Flexible Billing

Pointer notes? Paper tracking? Manual monitoring? Why use an EHR that doesn’t take the tediousness and guesswork out of billing?

With MethodOne, you won’t be stuck creating additional documentation to direct bill. You can set up any form, note, or service to be billable under any payer in your system. Have a payer who will only reimburse for counseling but not medication? No problem. Do some payers cover labs, but others don’t? No problem. During implementation (and onboarding with new payers), we can assist you in setting up your billable services to ensure that billing is automatically triggered for the providers and services it should be, and not for any that it shouldn’t.

At MethodOne, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of revenue cycle management for our customers. As more payers enter the space, we have expanded our billing capabilities to keep ahead of the field. Which is why we offer three options for managing your center’s billing ranging from entirely hands-off (where you and your organization manage completely internally) to fully managed (where we will work with you to set up M1 and bill for you according to your requirements). A key benefit of our Managed Billing and Advanced Billing Module is that there is never a need to log into a third-party billing portal or site; everything is manageable and trackable right within MethodOne!