Streamlining clinical documentation and compliance monitoring!

In-keeping with our theme of customization, MethodOne allows you to customize what your clinical program looks like and how it works within the system. You can create countless note types, set requirements for counseling hours and visits, and designate compliance items for review or update. As with our Custom Forms, which can be setup to be tracked as counseling documents, you can create Session Notes specifically for counseling. We also have developed a unique feature for building custom Workflows that allow users to outline multi-step processes which supervisors or administrators can oversee the progress on.

Compliance Monitoring

Layering billing and other features can become a compliance monitoring nightmare in other systems which leave you pulling multiple reports with questionable data points and provide varying levels of reliability. Instead of forcing you to manually audit all of the contents of a patient’s chart to find the specific items you’re looking for, MethodOne has developed a compliance monitoring system that will keep an eye on these items for you. During implementation, you will set up your compliance settings to identify which forms, notes, and tasks are related to compliance and need to be monitored. The system will then track compliance with timely completion of these items for you from an individual counselor level or an overall clinic view. MethodOne’s compliance monitoring setup is designed to inform users when items are current, coming due, overdue, and out of compliance. For more on clinical reporting, see our Reporting Features.