About Us

Our Mission

MethodOne by Computalogic seeks to provide a more straightforward way of maintaining a fully electronic patient record for Medication-Assisted Treatment providers. We strive to offer an affordable software alternative to big-name competitors without sacrificing quality, reliability, or accessibility. Our team has hands-on experience working in MAT, so we know our most important role is to support providers who are on the front lines battling this epidemic by delivering care to the patients in need.

Our vision is one where providers do not have to settle with clinic management software that cannot adjust to their needs. At MethodOne, our system was developed by and with a team that had operational and administrative experience in the MAT world. This team is available 24/7 to take customer feedback, offer support, and provide assistance.  In addition, our cloud-based structure allows us to make constant improvements and developments in response to our customer’s needs.

Our Team

The MethodOne team consists of individuals with direct experience in Medication-Assisted Treatment. Meet some of our key team members below: 

Keith: Our CEO started Computalogic in 2004. As the owner and administrator of multiple OTPs, Keith grew frustrated with his options for clinic management software which seemed to lack the basic understanding of MAT operations and workflow, and he set out to create an alternative. It was crucial it be affordable for clinics to use, user-friendly, customizable, and demonstrate a practical understanding of MAT procedures.  

Valerie: Our Account Manager, Valerie, is an integral part of our team. She is excellent at providing prompt guidance and support in response to customer needs. Valerie has a degree in Information Technology and has been supporting MAT facilities for over ten years.  One of her many strong suits is the ability to understanding our client’s requirements and translate them for the rest of the development team to ensure the end product exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Emily: With over a decade of experience in substance abuse treatment operations and administration, Emily’s passion for patients is what lead her to Computalogic. Emily serves as our Relationship and Support Manager to best serve our customers. Her experience has allowed her to have a personal connection with the population we serve as well as understanding what providers need. She has assisted with over a dozen CARF surveys and countless regulatory inspections and offers this expertise as a part of our Consulting Services. See our Consulting Services located under the Services menu.

Technical Team: Our senior software developer, Ashok, has over 20 years of experience working in multiple languages.  He has been working on MethodOne for over ten years now and had an exceptional understanding of MAT programs and their needs. With his expertise and the technology he has implemented over the years, we can quickly develop new features, functions, and capabilities to make MethodOne work better for our customers.