Front Desk / Reception

Fast and Organized

Check-in systems can create confusion and chaos in a center if not designed and implemented with the operational process of an OTP in mind. Other systems automatically check patients in when they make payments and only have a dosing queue to hold all checked-in patients. This means patients who call-in payments sometimes get checked-in in error, confusing dosing staff and holding up the queue. MethodOne not only displays all patients due for daily medication and any other appointments or services in the check-in screen, it also allows users to accept payments without checking the patient in.

With the MethodOne Check-in & Queue you’re in control.  

Check-in is quick and straightforward using the Kiosk system. The patient can check in for services up to your predetermined time before their scheduled appointment and be placed in the digital queue.

Whether patients are there for dosing or meeting with other members of your care team, MethodOne allows the patient to be checked in for all of their services and enables the care team to see where they are at throughout their visit.

With a TV monitor, MethodOne’s check-in module will display when providers are ready for the patient. Instead of shouting ID numbers through a crowded lobby, patients can easily see where to head next.

You know your center’s workflow and your patients best, so this feature allows you to set priorities for each “station” so patients complete services in the order you decide. When they’re finished at one station, the system will release them for the next.