What is MethodOne?

MethodOne by Computalogic is a cloud-based Clinic Management Software. It serves as a customizable, comprehensive, fully electronic patient health record.

Who is MethodOne for?

MethodOne is primarily used in Medication-Assisted Treatment clinics (OTP/OBOT). It serves as a clinical management, billing management, and dispensing software to fit all the needs. Its flexibility and affordability make it an ideal choice for small or large programs, new or established programs, or those looking to make the switch from traditional patient records to electronic.

Is MethodOne compliant with EMR regulations in my state?

Every state has its own compliance regulations. However, MethodOne is fully compliant with federal mandates for electronic recordkeeping as well as security and confidentiality of records. We currently have clients across the US with more joining every day. If you’re unsure or if your state has additional electronic records standards, we can review them to ensure we meet your state’s requirements.

What sets MethodOne apart from other EMR systems like Methasoft, SMART, etc.?

There are four key characteristics that make MethodOne stand out against the competition:

  1. The site is configured to meet your clinic’s unique operational and documentation needs. Rather than being forced to adopt forms and templates that are not your own, as a MethodOne customer you can create your own forms, notes, templates, reports, and workflows in the system.
  2. Cloud-Based. While it’s true that there are other cloud-based systems out there, many still rely on a specific software system installed on specific devices in your facility. This limits your ability to use the system remotely to check and verify patient records in the case of an emergency. With MethodOne, if you have internet connection, you have access to your site.
  3. Quick Development. This goes hand-in-hand with our cloud-based system. Because we don’t rely on device-specific installed software, we are able to respond to patient needs and requests and complete development quickly to improve your experience. This saves you from waiting for new versions and having to stay late at the clinic to coordinate the update because we can push new code in real-time and you can check it from anywhere, any time.
  4. With MethodOne you get so much more than you pay for. While the other guys charge based on a flat monthly rate or per-user, we believe that while you’re focusing on getting patients into treatment and building your census you shouldn’t be burdened with a crazy expensive clinic management system. We offer a tiered pricing structure based on patient census to allow you to allocate your resources back to helping your patients in need.
Who can access MethodOne?

Because it’s a cloud-based system, MethodOne can be accessed virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. Each clinic will have its own unique login page – with security measures in place to restrict access to those with a unique username and password, security validation for users logging on from an unrecognized browser, and the ability to designate specific authorized users to have remote access and receive security codes for login.

Will my patient’s information be protected on a cloud-based software?

Similar to most online banks’ security measures – unique usernames and passwords, security validation for unrecognized browsers or devices, etc. – MethodOne can only be accessed by users with login credentials. Your system is backed up nightly with firewalls and other electronic defense systems preventing intrusion. In addition, MethodOne has an unparalleled Disaster Recovery plan for your data. Our team works tirelessly to make sure that your data is protected at all times and our data center is fully backed-up and servers are monitored to take that burden off of your shoulders. If there is a disaster, power outage, or other emergency at your center that threatens operations, your patient data is always accessible through an internet connection. Using a mobile hotspot, laptop, tablet, or other device, authorized users are able to access and verify patient dosing information within the context of their entire patient chart.

Our clinic has early morning and holiday hours, will I have access to 24/7 support?

Absolutely! Our team is built from people who have direct hands-on experience working in treatment centers so we understand that you may have patients as early as 5 AM. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help guide you through whatever you may need. Learn more about our Support options by visiting our Services page or by checking out this infographic

Can MethodOne perform billing functions?

Whether you choose to make full use of our Billing Module or not, MethodOne makes billing for medication and services easy and mostly automatic. Indicate which medications and services are billable and complete the payor surveys for each payor’s reimbursement rates, codes, and specific requirements. Then you can either track billables for your own billing or, using our Billing Module, generate 837 files to upload to your payor’s portal and import 835 files with electronic remittance information to reconcile your patient accounts. Contact us to find out more about our Billing Module!

Does MethodOne integrate with other services like Central Registry, labs, and 3rd party payors?

We pride ourselves on our partnerships that enable us to provide a comprehensive experience to our customers. As such, we have integrated with the most common automated pump manufacturers (like Scilog and Ivek) and central registries (like Lighthouse) as well as developing integration for countless laboratories and 3rd party payors across the country! If we don’t currently integrate with one of your providers, we are happy to reach out to build that relationship to make MethodOne work better for you. Learn more about our integrations and partnerships here.

Can you migrate data from my current EMR into MethodOne?

Data migration is different depending on each EMR provider. We are proud to say that we have successfully completed hundreds of migrations with many providers. In many cases, we are able to import everything from forms, assessments, treatment plans, and session notes to orders, schedules, and signatures. However, this process is largely based on the data we receive from the provider. If there are gaps in data or major differences in formats, there may be issues with the migration. Rest assured that MethodOne will always work with other providers and our clients to ensure the most efficient data migration possible.

What kind of training does MethodOne Offer?

MethodOne offers specialized training on anything and everything related to our system! This includes training during implementation as well as remote or on-site training for our existing customers. We can provide guidance to your entire team of nurses, doctors, counselors, administrators, billers, and more! Visit our Specialized Training Services page on our website.

How much does MethodOne cost – per user? Per clinic? Per month? – and what does that cover?

One of the driving forces in creating MethodOne was to create a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable alternative to the other big-name EMR providers out there. While other providers will charge you a flat rate of as much as $1500 per month or base your charges on how many users you have in the system, MethodOne is proud to offer a tiered structure based on your census. This is ideal for new and established clinics.

Can I transition to MethodOne if I currently don’t use an EMR system? What if I’m using a different system currently?

Whether you’re a new clinic, making the shift to electronic from paper, or switching from one EMR system to MethodOne, we will be by your side the entire time. This includes everything from demonstrating the features and capabilities of our system to helping walk you through your unique system setup and checking in when you go live. For more information on transitioning to MethodOne, check out this infographic.