Group or Individual, In Person or Online: We have your back!

We understand that learning a new system can be stressful for everyone involved and have gone to great lengths to make our system easy to learn and use. Since the key to successful transition with an EMR provider lies in providing top-level support and training to you and your team as a part of the transition.

With our experienced support team, we are able to provide quality training to your entire staff including nurses, pharmacists, doctors, office managers, administrators, counselors, supervisors, etc. In addition to general on-call support and training (See 24/7 Support Services Page), we also provide customized training for new and existing customers.

Training is included as a part of your setup and implementation process. This includes focused, specialized, and role-specific training for your entire team. We will help you get your site configured, customized, and setup to work in accordance with your operational and administrative needs. In addition, we have training materials and demonstrations to provide directly to your team.

For existing MethodOne customers who add new services or features, or decide they are in need of additional training, we are available remotely or on-site. We can provide training one-on-one with your team or as a group, in person or via web demonstrations. Contact us for training requests!