Custom Forms

Create, track, and bill using your own forms!

Many EHR providers force you to use their forms and assessments which have already been built into the system. Those that do allow you to create your own forms often operate using PDF forms (built on your desktop using a different program) that have to be made into editable forms and then loaded loaded into the system. Both options present difficulties with version control, tracking capabilities related to the data inputted within the form, billing, and maintenance.

MethodOne allows you to create your own custom forms that meet your program’s specific needs. When changes need to be made, it is easy to update your forms and create new versions within the system. Also, because they’re created within the system, MethodOne is also able to track form data and bill for any form you designate as billable. We also have some forms and assessments which are built into the system, many of which can also be edited to meet the needs of your program.