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We believe you, your team, and your patients deserve a Clinic Management System that offers more than just name recognition. What you get with MethodOne is an experienced team with decades of operational and administrative knowledge of Opioid Treatment Programs to support and guide you in customizing an EHR that truly works for you.

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We have unparalleled support. Our support staff has operational and administrative experience with OTPs and are always available to answer your calls, emails, and tickets.


Don’t end up paying extra just for a recognizable name. MethodOne offers an affordable software without sacrificing quality. While others may try to match our pricing, they can’t beat the features, functionality, and support you’ll get with MethodOne.


Access your data anywhere, any time. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can users with remote access can log into MethodOne to verify patient dosing information, view reports, electronically sign documents, and access patient files.


With streamlined menus and page options, MethodOne is one of the most user friendly software options available. Instead of having to learn countless menu options and multiple ways of entering info, MethodOne provides role-specific menus and single data-entry points. 


At MethodOne, we believe you deserve a system that works for you. That’s why we make it easy for you to configure your site to meet your needs. Whether that’s changing the wording on one of our pre-built assessments, building your own forms, or setting compliance requirements.