Medical Features

We have all the tools you need in your medical bag!

Because we started working as and with treatment providers, we understand that a key component of any EMR system must be inclusion of reliable medical tools. One way MethodOne sets itself apart is by integrating with other providers. We currently work with dozens of labs for automatic import of drug screen and lab results and take the tedious manual entry out of the equation. In addition, we will soon be integrated with Dr. First as an enhancement to our in-house prescription service. This will allow providers to utilize ePrescribing if offering supplemental prescriptions to patients.

While other systems struggle with medical items like drug screening/labs scheduling and documentation, bottle recalls, prescriptions, and telehealth, MethodOne has the answers. We strive to provide the most efficient and reliable electronic system by limiting the opportunity for human error. Users are notified when patients need a drug screen scheduled, when results are unfavorable, and when imported results do not match our data points. Similarly, the system is intuitive to recognize not only when to flag a patient’s results based on a prescription, but it will also recognize when a patient is due for a drug screen, bottle recall, or prescription renewal. Our system is structured in such a way that information is organized together to make it easy for providers to quickly check patient bottle recall or drug screen results history.

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